Pride of Poland
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Pride of Poland Lot.19

Auctioned for 30 000 EUR

(Morion x Wogeza)

mare, bay, 2020

Breeder: Michałów Stud
Owner: Michałów Stud
Sire line: Saklavi I 1886 Anazeh Ruala
Dam line: Szweykowska 1800 Sławuta


Morion Kahil Al Shaqab (US)  Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) 
OFW Mishaahl (US) 
Mesalina   Ekstern  
Mata Hari  
Wogeza  Equator  QR Marc (US) 
Wazira   Wachlarz  

bay filly, foaled on 15th of February, 2020
measurements: 155-180-18,0 cm


Not bred

WESPERA’s pedigree is built upon two of Michałów’s best champion sires of the last decade (MORION & EQUATOR) and two World Platinum Champion Stallions (KAHIL AL SHAQAB & EQUATOR).

The Michałów-bred MORION has taken the show world by storm. His show record is nothing short of extraordinary. His list of accolades includes Białka Junior Spring Show Yearling Champion & Best in Show, Polish National Junior Champion, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Junior Champion & Best in Show, All Nations Cup Yearling Silver Champion, European Yearling Silver Champion, World Yearling Silver Champion, Junior Spring Show Champion Stallion & Best in Show, All Nations Cup Junior Champion, World Junior Champion, Qatar International Arabian Horse Championship Junior Champion, AHO World Cup Senior Silver Champion, All Nations Cup Senior Bronze Champion & Polish National Senior Gold Champion. But his breeding career will be even better. His first crops have already delivered champion get such as EL MEDAR, DELIKT, LARGO KL, ZŁOTA AURA, BELLA MIA, EL BRILLO and EL MARIELLA.

WESPERA’s maternal sire, EQUATOR, before earning his Platinum title also snatched the honors of Junior Spring Show Champion, Polish National Junior Champion, European Junior Champion, World Junior Reserve Champion, Polish National Senior Champion, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Show Senior Champion, European Senior Champion, World Senior Bronze Champion, Scottsdale Gold Champion, Las Vegas Breeders Cup Gold Senior Champion, World Senior Silver Champion, Dubai Senior Silver Champion & Sharjah Senior Champion Stallion and World Senior Gold Champion Stallion (to name but a few). Attesting to the strong genetic potential of his family is the fact that his dam EKLIPTYKA is a full sister to the late multi-champion ESPARTO, considered the successor of his sire EKSTERN.

On the distaff side WESPERA can lay claim to the damline of WADERA through a rare branch via Polish National Senior Champion Mare WENERA, a maternal sister to WARMIA from whom descend such fames as WILEJKA, WIZJA and all "WIEŻA"-named equines, including WIEŻA MOCY. WENERA on the other hand contributed to the breed with chief sires WAGRAM & WERBUM, as well as Swedish National Senior Champion Mare WENEDA, UK International Senior Reserve Champion Mare WIOLETA, Italian National Senior Champion Mare WERNERA, Polish National Junior Reserve Champion Mare, Wessex Arabian Horse Show Senior Champion Mare WIPERA & Austrian International Yearling Bronze Champion Mare WESTURA.