Pride of Poland
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Pride of Poland Lot.22

Auctioned for 81 000 EUR

(Morion x Ferrmaria)

stallion, blackbay, 2019

Breeder: Michałów Stud
Owner: Michałów Stud
Sire line: Saklavi I 1886 Anazeh Ruala
Dam line: Szweykowska 1800 Sławuta


Morion Kahil Al Shaqab (US)  Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) 
OFW Mishaahl (US) 
Mesalina   Ekstern  
Mata Hari 
Ferrmaria  El Omari  Enzo (US) 
Fermata   Poganin  

PASB Vol. XVIII-3    
brown stallion, foaled on 19th of May, 2019
measurements: 152-178-17,0 cm

2020 Junior Spring Show Yearling Gold Champion Stallion - Białka
2020 Polish National Yearling Gold Champion Stallion & Best in Show - Janów Podlaski
2020 European Yearling Gold Champion Stallion – Prague (CZ)
2021 Junior Spring Show Gold Champion Stallion - Białka
2021 Polish National Junior Gold Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski
2021 European Junior Silver Champion Stallion – Verona (IT)

An incredible, unprecedented offer from Michałów State Stud. Never before have the State Studs presented for sale such a highly decorated four year old stallion with a lifetime of successes awaiting him and his future owner.

FERRUM is without any doubt the best stallion born in the State Studs in recent years. His debut at the Białka Junior Spring Show– the first testing ground for all Polish Arabians - was a strong one, with the highest score among yearling males (92,83 pts) and a unanimous Yearling Gold Champion Stallion title from the judges. A month later FERRUM spread his wings even wider at the Polish Nationals in Janów Podlaski by winning his class with 93,6 pts (including a full set of top marks for his showy trot and two more for type), unanimously receiving the Yearling Gold Champion Stallion title and further topping it off with the Best in Show honours. He has since added the titles of European Yearling Champion, Polish National Champion and European Silver Junior Champion Stallion.

FERRUM is sired by the most known Michałów-bred stallions of the modern era – MORION, a World Junior Gold Champion Stallion, Qatar International Junior Champion Stallion and a double Polish National Junior & Senior Gold Champion Stallion, among his many show accomplishments. MORION himself is a stellar combination of his own two World Champion sires: the exotic KAHIL AL SHAQAB and Michałów's iconic EKSTERN on his dam's side.

On the distaff side FERRUM traces to the small Michałów family of FANFARA, whose members were some of the more sought after equines at the Janów Podlaski Sale throughout the years, evident in the prices determined for them by the buyers. FERRUM's grandam FERMATA is a maternal sister to FAUSTYNA, a high-seller of the 2007 Pride of Poland Sale for 150 thousand Euro. FAUSTYNA went on to claim the Austrian National Senior Top Five Mare title and the Austrian National Senior Mare Championship. Their dam FELICJANA, in turn a high-seller of the 2009 Pride of Poland Sale for 105 thousand Euro to the Middle East, is class winner from the Makkah Arabian Horse Show held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the senior mares category. Other members of FANFARA's family that surpassed the 100 thousand mark (then in USD) include FANTASTKA (240 thousand), FLADRA (125 thousand) and FIGLARKA (105 thousand).