Pride of Poland 2022
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Pride of Poland Lot.0

Auctioned for 650 000 EUR

(Shanghai E.A. (ES) x Wilda)

mare, grey, 2014

Breeder: Michałów Stud
Owner: Michałów Stud
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886
Dam line: Szweykowska ~1800


Shanghai E.A. (ES) WH Justice (US)  Magnum Psyche (US) 
Vona Sher-Renea (US) 
Salymah (BE)  Khidar (BE) 
Libanon Azadika (NL) 
Wilda  Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)  Anaza El Farid (US) 
Kajora (US) 
Wilga   Ekstern  

grey mare, foaled on 18th of March, 2013
measurements: 153-175-17.5

2017 – 7 starts: 1xII

2018 All-Polish Senior Gold Champion Mare – Radom (PL)
2018 Polish National Senior Silver Champion Mare – Warsaw (PL)
2018 Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Senior Top Five Mare – Nowe Wrońska (PL)
2018 Class Winner (4-6 Year Old Mares) at the All Nations Cup – Aachen (DE)
2018 European Senior Gold Champion Mare – Lier (BE)
2019 All Nations Cup Senior Bronze Champion Mare – Aachen (DE)
2019 World Senior Top Ten Mare – Salon du Cheval, Paris (FR)
2020 Senior Silver Champion Mare – Menton (FR)
2021 Sharjah International Senior Silver Champion Mare (UAE)
2021 Polish National Senior Top Five Mare – Janów Podaski (PL)
2021 Class Top Five (4-7 Year Old Mares) – Menton (FR)

2019 colt WILDER (Morion)
2022 filly WILDONARA (Paris)
2023 colt (AJ Azzam)

Not bred

WILDONA is an absolute show stopper and one of the top champion mares in the barns of Michałów Stud. She is a highly decorated show champion with many more titles still ahead of her.

WILDONA’s pedigree is sculpted around the best sires in the Arabian breed of the modern era: SHANGHAI EA, GAZAL AL SHAQAB & EKSTERN.

Her dam WILDA also has championship honors to her name (Junior Reserve Champion Mare, Polish National Senior Reserve Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Senior Bronze Champion Mare, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Senior Champion Mare, European Senior Top Five Mare, twice World Senior Top Ten Mare), but has more importantly proven herself as a producer of champions WILANDRA EA (Travagliato Cavalli Yearling Champion Mare, Spanish Junior Bronze Champion Mare), WORONIN (Junior Spring Show Top Five Stallion, All Polish Junior Bronze Champion Stallion, Arabian Horse Weekend Senior Bronze Champion Stallion) & the show sensation WILDONA - All-Polish Senior Gold Champion Mare, Polish National Senior Silver Champion Mare, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Senior Top Five Mare, European Senior Gold Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Senior Bronze Champion Mare, World Senior Top Ten Mare, Menton Senior Silver Champion Mare, Sharjah International Senior Silver Champion Mare, Polish National Senior Top Five Mare.

WILDA’s dam, WILGA, is a Junior Spring Show Reserve Champion Mare from Białka. The damline traces to founding mare WARMIA through her US National Champion Mare daughter WIZJA. It is exactly this branch of the family that has given the breed such specimen as WIAŹMA, WIEŻA WIATRÓW, WIEŻA BABEL, WIEŻA RÓŻ and the ultimate champion of them all, WIEŻA MOCY: Polish National Junior Champion Mare, European Junior Bronze Champion Mare, Junior Spring Show Champion Mare & Best in Show, European Junior Champion Mare, World Junior Champion Mare, Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup Senior Champion Mare, Scottsdale Arabian National Breeders Finals Senior Champion Mare, US National Senior Champion Mare & Scottsdale Arabian Show Senior Champion Mare.

Additional conditions of the purchase of the mare Wildona

The condition of the purchase of the mare Wildona is that the Buyer will, at its option either a) provide the Exhibitor up to 2 foals in accordance with the clause 4.1. or 4.2. below which are included in the price specified on page 2 of this Agreement or b) shall pay an additional amount of 30 000 euro per each foal not provided to the Exhibitor.

1. if the mare is a "natural mother", these will be her first 2 born foals.

2. if the acquisition of foals will be by embryotransfer (at the Buyer's discretion):
a) SK Michalow, at its own expense, will deliver surrogates (recipients) to the place indicated by the Buyer, approved by SK Michalow, where the embryotransfer will be carried out, and will pick them up after the pregnancy is confirmed (after the 45th day),
b) the date of embryotransfer will be agreed upon by the parties (Buyer - SK Michalow) taking into account the optimal performance and breeding career of the mare,
c) all costs associated with the embryo transfer (embryo acquisition/transfer, hormonal stimulation if any, additional treatments and tests, stay of the mare/surrogate at the clinic, etc.) shall be borne by the Buyer.

3. Foals/embryos must be by a stallion(s), from a pool of 5 proposed by the Buyer, accepted by Michalow Stud of which a minimum of 2 were World Championship medalists within the last 5 years. All costs related to breeding/insemination shall be paid by the Buyer.

a) If the mare to which this contract relates is a "natural mother" - the first 2 foals born by her after the sale confirmed by this contract
b) If it is not possible to obtain foals by natural means and it is necessary to obtain them by embryotransfer, it will pay all costs associated with embryotransfer (including, in particular: embryo acquisition, embryo transfer, possible hormonal stimulation, additional treatments and examinations, stay of the mare(s) in the clinic, etc.).
c) Agrees on the date of any embryotransfer with the Exhibitor
d) Agrees that the sire of foals/embryos due to the Exhibitor shall be a stallion - winner of the TOP TEN title from the World Championships during the last 5 years. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide a list of at least 5 stallions meeting the above conditions
e) If the Exhibitor does not choose a stallion from the presented list referred to in point D), the choice of a stallion will be made by negotiation between the parties
f) Surrogate mares, if any, shall be delivered by the Exhibitor to the place of embryotransfer agreed between the parties
g) Successful embryotransfer will be considered as confirmation of pregnancy in the surrogate mare(s) after the 45th day of pregnancy
h) The surrogate(s) will be transferred after this date to SK Michalow or to another location designated by the Exhibitor to await termination, and the Exhibitor agrees to inform the Buyer of the outcome.

4.2. Or: the Buyer may propose a foal(s) or embryo(s) from dam(s)/parent(s) with comparable exterier characteristics and show career - which requires the Exhibitor's approval.
The Buyer undertakes to pay the Final Fee, including first of all the Purchase Price, for the Object within 14 days from the day of the Transaction, accordingly to the Auction Terms and Conditions.

5. Collection of the mare is possible after the weaning of the foal (colt by Aj Azzam born June 6), (date to be agreed with SK Michalow) or at an earlier date with an additional payment of EUR 5,000 per foal.

6. Insurance of the mare is required until the mare is collected, at the expense of the Buyer

2023 foal born on 06.06.2023