Pride of Poland
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Pride of Poland Lot.1

Auctioned for 115 000 EUR

(Esparto x Egira)

mare, grey, 2011

Breeder: Stadnina Koni Białka MHR sp. z o.o.
Owner: Stadnina Koni Białka MHR sp. z o.o.
Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi 1923
Dam line: Milordka ~1810


Esparto Ekstern   Monogramm  
Ekspozycja   Eukaliptus  
Egira  Emigrant  Ararat  
Emkira   Batyskaf  

Bred and owned by Białka State Stud MHR sp. z o.o.
grey mare, foaled on 5th of March, 2011
measurements: 147-182-17,5 cm
Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi, imp. 1931 Gumniska
Dam line: Milordka 1810 Sławuta




2012 Class Top Five (Yearling Fillies) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski (PL)
2013 Class Top Five (Two Year Old Fillies) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski (PL)
2014 Junior Spring Show Bronze Champion Mare – Białka (PL)
2014 Class Top Five (Three Year Old Fillies) at the Polska Arabia Festival – Warsaw (PL)
2018 Class Top Five (Mares 7-10 Years Old) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski (PL)
2018 Class Top Five (Mares 7 Years Old and Above) at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival – Nowe Wrońska (PL)


2016 colt EGIRIAN (Glorius Apal) grey
2018 colt EGIRIUS (Zundance Jamil) grey
2019 filly EGIRIANA (Pogrom) bay
2020 colt EGESTIS (Kanz Al Bidayer) bay
2022 filly ELLA SENTA (El Jahez WH)


in foal to PALATINO (last service on 4th of May, 2022)

EGIRIA is a decorated broodmare from the barns of Białka Stud. As a daughter of ESPARTO, she ranks high among the mares of the youngest State Stud. This Polish National Champion and multi champion from Middle Eastern Shows was a son of EKSTERN and considered his heir apparent. Sadly, ESPARTO's untimely death put an end to many hopes and expectations, making us appreciate the crops he had managed to sire even more. Białka was lucky enough to be able to test out ESPARTO as the first of the State Studs. His greatest legacy is no doubt PERFINKA (All Nations Cup Junior Champion, European Junior Silver Champion, World Junior Silver Champion, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Arabian Horse Festival Junior Champion, Qatar International Arabian Horse Show Junior Silver Champion, among the many of her accolades).

EGIRIA’s damline is that of the Michałów-bred EMKA, one of the foundation broodmares of Poland's youngest Arabian stud. Her full sister EGEMA (also by ESPARTO) is a highly decorated show champion as Wrocław Summer Show Junior Champion Mare, Janów Podlaski Autumn Show Junior Champion Mare & Best in Show, Abu Zabi Junior Bronze Champion Mare, UAE National Junior Reserve Champion Mare. Other Białka-bred members of the family of EMKA include EKINA (Vilhelmsborg Junior Top Five), EMIKA (Warsaw Summer Show Junior Reserve Champion Mare, Polish National Junior Reserve Champion Mare, Warsaw Summer Show Senior Champion Mare & Best in Show, Janów Podlaski Autumn Show Senior Reserve Champion Mare), EMON (twice Tenerife Senior Champion Stallion) and endurance horse EMIMBOR (winner of the 100 km Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed Endurance Ride).

EMKA further originates from the damline of ELA, one founding broodmares of Michałów Stud, when it was still based in Klemensów. Her many successful descendants in Michałów include champions ESKADRA, chief sires ELDON and ESPARTERO, and the highly decorated mother-daughter group of EGZOTYKA, EGNA, ESKALOPKA & EGZONERA.