Pride of Poland 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen

Once again in August, the historical Janów Podlaski State Stud will have the honor of hosting Polish and foreign lovers of the breed during the Arabian Horse Days. This celebration combining the National Show with the famous Pride of Poland auction is an undertaking that invariably boasts the longest tradition among events of its kind in the world. It is here, in one place, that the effects of the work of Polish breeders will be subjected to the evaluation of world authorities and international clientele. This is a unique opportunity to see in person how rich is the "Polish source" from which to draw material for all areas of Arabian horse breeding and use.

History shows that despite the succession of various trends and fashions in Arabian horse breeding, reaching for the horses from a proven source, being a consequence of a long-term and well thought-out breeding program, is still extremely important for world breeding. These days Poland is one of the few such sources. It is largely from Polish horses that the vast majority of today's selected show champions or excellent breeding horses around the world originate.

The National Show not only rewards the work of Polish breeders, but also selects candidates each year for further international competition at the most important Arabian horse shows in the following months. It is with a very large participation of Polish horses that world breeding has gained such names as Bask, Bey Shah, Gazal Al Shaqab - or more contemporarily: Emerald J, AJ Kafu or Mozn Albidayer.  Horses such as Kwestura, Pepita, Perfinka and Equator not only went down in the pantheon of stars representing their home stud farms, but after being sold at the Pride of Poland auction they also reached for the highest laurels for their new owners.

In recent years, horses originating from Polish private studs have also marked their presence in the world with excellent breeding achievements. Such stars as the 2019 World Reserve Champion - Eralda, this year's Champion of the Scottsdale International Show - Fuerte or the two-time Polish Champion enjoying further success in the Middle East - Star Farid turned out to be not only outstanding show horses, but have already succeeded as breeding horses. That's why the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auction offerings each year also provide the room for high quality private bred horses. 

We hope that this year's auction list also conceals future show ring champions and horses that will bring much breeding satisfaction to new buyers. See you in Janów Podlaski!

The Organizers