Pride of Poland 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Arabian Horse Days in Janów Podlaski, which combine the Polish National Arabian Horse Show with the famous Pride of Poland auction, are an undertaking that boasts the longest tradition among such events in the world. It is here, in one place, that the effects of the work of Polish breeders will be assessed by experts and international clients. This is a unique opportunity to see for yourself how rich the "Polish source" truly is, a source from which you can acquire material for all areas of breeding and use of Arabian horses. The Polish National Show not only rewards the work of Polish breeders, but also selects candidates for international competitions at the most important Arabian horse shows in the coming months. It was from here that world-famous horses, such as Ekstern, Pianissima, Emandoria and Wieża Mocy, set off on their way to great fame.

Although Arabian horses can be bought in Poland all year round, the best specimens are offered during the famous auction, which has been called the "Pride of Poland" for over twenty years for a reason. Horses such as Kwestura, Pepita, Perfinka or Equator have not only entered the pantheon of stars by representing their home studs, but after being sold at the Pride of Poland auction they also won the highest titles for their new owners. In recent years, horses from Polish private studs have also noted great breeding achievements in the world. Stars such as Eralda and Fuerte have turned out to be not only outstanding show horses, but have already achieved success as breeding horses in their new homes. Therefore, this year's offer of the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions will be extended by a larger number of high-quality private-bred horses, representing the currently sought-after combinations of the blood of famous stallions with the best Polish mares.

This year, as we embrace progress and globalization, also in the field of horse sales, for the first time we will offer you both auctions – the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale - in a hybrid system. This will allow watching and bidding on horses in real time not only for those in Janów Podlaski, but also for viewers and clients following the event on the Internet. We hope that this year's auction list also includes future show champions, therefore, combining tradition with modernity, we hope to welcome you at Janów Podlaski or visit your homes onscreen.

The Organizers

Pride of Poland

Lot. 1
Esparto x Egira / Emigrant

mare, grey, 2011
Lot. 2
Morion x Elerta / Alert

mare, bay, 2019
Lot. 3
Poganin x Cedora / Kahil Al Shaqab

stallion, bay, 2019
Lot. 4
El Omari x Pentra / Poganin

mare, chestnut, 2015
Lot. 5
Om El Bellissimo x Euzetia / Etogram

mare, grey, 2011
Lot. 6
Ascot DD x Elwina / Enzo

mare, chestnut, 2017
Lot. 7
QR Marc x Emandoria / Gazal Al Shaqab

mare, bay, 2013
Lot. 8
Justify x Ekstera / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2011
Lot. 9
Empire x Atma / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2015
Lot. 10
EKS Alihandro x Piniata / Eden C

stallion, chestnut, 2018
Lot. 11
RFI Farid x Esmeta / Ekstern

mare, bay, 2018
Lot. 12
Om El Shahmaan x Espadrilla / Monogramm

mare, bay, 2010
Lot. 13
Palatino x Bellisa / Poganin

mare, grey, 2015
Lot. 14
QR Marc x Wilga / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2009
Lot. 15
Ajman Moniscione x Ginerva / Werbum

mare, chestnut, 2015
Lot. 16
Eryks x El Emeera / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2010
Lot. 17
Ascot DD x El Fatha / Entyk

mare, chestnut, 2016
Lot. 18
Emerald J x Lawinia / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2016
Lot. 19
Pogrom x Binduga / Kahil Al Shaqab

mare, bay, 2018
Lot. 20
Poganin x Kwestura / Monogramm

stallion, grey, 2006
Lot. 21
Shanghai E.A. x Pirana K.A. / QR Marc

stallion, grey, 2017

Summer Sale

Lot. 1/S
Shanghai EA x El Ghazala / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2014
Lot. 2/S
Parys K x Elwita / Vitorio TO

mare, bay, 2018
Lot. 3/S
Chimeryk x Emmbla / Al Maraam

mare, bay, 2014
Lot. 4/S
Ganges x Eula / Arbil

mare, bay, 2008
Lot. 5/S
Empire x Elihara / El Nabila B

mare, grey, 2014
Lot. 6/S
Vitorio TO x Forlanda / Eden C

mare, brown, 2016
Lot. 7/S
Perseusz x Tarnawa / Ararat

mare, grey, 2009
Lot. 8/S
Pogrom x Wkraza / Albedo

mare, bay, 2017
Lot. 9/S
Barok x Amiga / Piaff

mare, grey, 2018
Lot. 10/S
Eternal x Gracea / Etogram

mare, bay, 2012
Lot. 11/S
Pomian x Penta / Ecaho

mare, grey, 2018
Lot. 12/S
Empire x Emfonia / Galba

mare, grey, 2014
Lot. 13/S
Lawrence El Gazal x Emocja / Monogramm

mare, grey, 2015
Lot. 14/S
Ascot DD x Eunita / Ekstern

mare, chestnut, 2017
Lot. 15/S
Psytadel x Ernesta Moon / Fireball

mare, bay, 2013
Lot. 16/S
Pegasus x Piękna Pani / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2011
Lot. 17/S
Abyad AA x Polka / Ekstern

mare, grey, 2017
Lot. 18/S
Eryks x Chimera / Emigrant

stallion, brown, 2008
Lot. 19/S
Empire x Piba / Gazal Al Shaqab

mare, grey, 2018
Lot. 20/S
Vitorio TO x Foggia / Gazal Al Shaqab

mare, brown, 2016
Lot. 21/S
Kahil Al Shaqab x Zatoka Perska / Wachlarz

mare, bay, 2013
Lot. 22/S
Pogrom x Celita / Lawrence El Gazal

stallion, bay, 2019
Lot. 23/S
Empire x Ebra / Alert

mare, bay, 2016
Lot. 24/S
EKS Alihandro x Palmeta / Ecaho

stallion, grey, 2018
Lot. 25/S
Ganges x Wieża Mocy / QR Marc

mare, dark bay, 2017