Pride of Poland


Polish breeding takes Menton!

Here we are small but strong representation of Polish breeding at the most prestigious show in Europe and one  of Best in the world.
On the first day amazing mare MAMMA MIA bred by Tomasz Tarczynski in Poland  and own by Hanaya Arabians took 2nd place with amazing 92.92pts and today Polish bred and own yearling colt Poker Face KL from Klikowa Arabians won the class with 92.67. Both will today represent Polish breeding at the Championships! 馃憦馃挭

Janów Podlaski - Forged in Tradition


Polish Arabian horse breeding is the oldest in the world, documented by written pedigrees. The basis of its worldwide success and the reason for its influence on almost all breeding programs of Arabian horse worldwide is, above all, more than 200 years of tradition of breeding and the way the breeding program is conducted in Poland up to this day. Thanks to them, nowadays we find Polish Arabian horses in the pedigrees of most of the modern champions, excellent broodmares or great performance horses. We are pleased to present a video  that is the beginning of a series about Jan贸w Podlaski Stud - host of the Arabian horse auction of the longest tradition - Pride of Poland. Already in August there will be a chance to draw once again from the source where the best Arabian horses originate. Feel invited to Jan贸w!

Promotion of Pride of Poland at the 590 Congress


The prestigious 590 Congress will be held on 21-22.06.2023 at the Sluzewiec Racecourse in Warsaw. It is a key economic event in Poland, bringing together Polish and international business and science. This year at the 590 Congress, of which the Poland-Saudi Arabia Economic Forum is also a part, Pure bred Arabian horses from the State Studs will be presented, including the stars of this year's Pride of Poland auction. For more on the event, its agenda and speakers, visit

Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions promo video

We present the first Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions promo video. Arabian Insider team, in search of interesting facts about the history of Arabian horse breeding in our country, visited not only state and private studs... Details and a list of horses for this year's auction will appear on our website soon - stay tuned!

Katara International Arabian Horse Festival


We had the great pleasure of representing Pride of Poland at this year's prestigious Katara International Arabian Horse Festival. It was an opportunity not only to make interesting acquaintances, but also to gather valuable comments and opinions on the place of Polish Arabian horses in the consciousness of the international community. With the help of world authorities and industry leaders, we also started an interesting project to promote this year's auction - we hope to present to you the results of this cooperation before the auction.

Polish champions presented at the Saudi Arabian desert!


Polish champions presented at the Saudi Arabian desert! Today the first flyers promoting Pride of Poland auction appeared at the prestigious PSAIAHF show in Riyadh. And some of Polish bred horses competed successfully. Stay tuned with our and  Arabian Insider social media profiles to hear more about Pride of Poland auction' very special offer this year!

Next edition of the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale!

We are pleased to announce that the next edition of the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions will be held on 13-14 August 2023 in Jan贸w Podlaski. You are cordially invited, stay tuned for details!


With thank you to all those present at the auctions and those who were with us on-line, and with congratulations to the happy buyers - we present a recollection of the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale prepared by Arabian Essence.


As the organisers of the XLIV Polish National Arabian Horse Show in Jan贸w Podlaski we are extremely pleased with the results of our event, which gathered a very large, as for the present, difficult times, number of 120 horses at the Polish National Championships. The Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland - Andrzej Duda and the personal presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development - Henryk Kowalczyk undoubtedly raised the rank and prestige of the event organised in the magnificent surroundings of the historical Jan贸w Podlaski Stud.


The Organising Committee of the XLIV Polish National Arabian Horse Show and the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions would like to thank all those who have supported us with their presence and hard work in our efforts to make this, the oldest in its history Arabian horse show in Poland and one of the first in its tradition Arabian horse auctions in the world, organised together on the Polish grounds, become an opportunity for sports rivalry, but first and foremost a place to meet and an opportunity to spend those few days in a wonderful atmosphere well known to the regulars of Arabian horse shows.

We are very grateful to you - professionals and, above all, people with passion, who often sacrifice their free time for the good of the common enterprise - for your help and support in organising and coordinating the course of this year's show and auction in Jan贸w Podlaski.

We are pleased with the results and hope that you share our sentiments. See you there!